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    New to XP2400+ Oc'ing

    Hi all, I recently decided to start oc'ing my year old athlon xp2400+. This was unlocked from the factory. This is how ive oc'd so far.

    Athlon Xp2400+ 16.0 x 140/35 = 2.24mhz 5% OC
    Asus A7VXXX-333 Mobo w/ asus probe temp monitor
    2 sticks of 256mb pc2700 ddr, 1 stick 512 pc2700 ddr (no name)
    geforce ti200 oc'd to 205/433
    I do not see a way on my mb to change dividers for pci/agp.

    My vcore is set to auto (1.65)
    I run Sisoft cpu burn-in 500 times and get the following temps
    cpu- 43C
    mobo-22C , I have a heatsink/fan on cpu, 2 80mm intake fans and 2 80mm exhaust fans.
    All temps taken from asus probe, and it appears that my vcore changes to 1.71
    This is where i am so far, I would like any advice or comments on my current setup, or things you think i should do differently. Thank You.

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    lower that multiplier to 13 and up that fsb to 166 be much faster
    AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Winchester @ 250x10 = 2.5ghz 1.55V Cooled By XP-120 & YS-TECH FD1238 Fan
    MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Edition
    Corsair XMS TwinX 1Gig 2x512Meg PC4400 Ram @ 416Mhz 2,2,2,6 1T
    Hercules 3D Prophet 9700NP 128Meg ( Bios Flashed To 9700Pro With VGA Sliencer )
    480Gig Hard Drive Space
    MSI 16x DVD Drive
    Artec 52x CD-RW Drive
    Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS
    Antec PlusView 1000AMG Metallic Gray Case
    Antec TruePower 550watt PSU ( New Version )
    Windows XP Pro SP1
    3DMark2001SE: 23014

    4.9GHZ Of AMD Power For Boinc Seti Team.

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    thats a good setting wath steven sad i have it to an it rocks only my vcore is on 1.7 and you now fsb is life

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