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    Unlocked ES 3.0GHz on Ebay

    I'd be really skeptical of this one. First off, it's a WW07 2003 sample, which means it ran through an Intel fab towards the end of 2002, long before most of the major performance enhancements were made. Secondly, if the multiplier only goes up to 15, then it's no better than a 3.0GHz, which would be killed by today's 3.0's. Lastly, the owner is in Hong Kong. Please. Wouldn't touch this one with a 10ft pole!

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    Is there any way to decifer the stepping from the info printed on the chip?

    EDIT: Well, I went for the plunge. I have a good reputation with my CC company and I'm sure they will reverse the charges if the seller isnt legit. I saw a 1.9GHz ES go for 240$, so I bought it with buy it now.
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    Good luck with your new processor, let us know once you get it fired up!

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    Wow that chip should be nice. PM me if you want about those O\C results im very interested...

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    well it needs to acctually arrive first , but I'll be sure to report the overclocking I can do with it and the stepping reported. (I just hope it isnt a C1, D1 would be great, M0 would make me pass out)

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    isn't it illegal to buy/sell those?

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    well, its too late now.

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    Originally posted by stan03
    isn't it illegal to buy/sell those?
    Illegal for the seller probably but after 3 years that restriction is lifted if I recall.

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    BTW Craig, that is a good price ya got for the chip. I paid more for mine but I consider this a once-in-a-lifetime kind of purchase.

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    Wow 225, Id take an ES for that. Please let us know how it is!

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    (I don't like Gigabyte that much, they just lucked out this time :-p)

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    yeah, I probably would have gone up to 350$ for a unlocked P4C. Now I just cant buy anything else for the rest of the month so I can be sure I can pay back Visa.

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    Realize that not all unlocked units are created equally. This particular one is the first 3GHz stepping, so you can't set the multiplier higher than 15. The major benefit of ES units are that you can set multipliers in the BIOS and are mobo limited not CPU limited, but since this one won't recoginze a multiplier >15, it's effectively a locked 3GHz unit.

    Don't know if you've had an ES before, but I've had problems with them being recognized on ASUS boards. Sometimes they won't POST (will give you the "System Failed CPU Test" error). Still, it will be interesting to see how you do with this one.

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    I'm planning to drop the multi to like 13 or 14x, I wont be maxing out my mobo or ram if its at 15x.

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    Originally posted by caboob

    Illegal for the seller probably but after 3 years that restriction is lifted if I recall.
    Same discussion as in the other "ES on ebay" thread. I don't know about USA laws but over here if you buy stolen goods (say, a bicycle) and the police tracks it, you may face charges for buying stolen property even if you claim you "did not know".
    Now for ES samples, the buyer is very aware of the special status and could have easily determined that these are not legal to sell. In other words, I think you're in trouble as a buyer if they track you.
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