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    CPU Decision time....

    Ok I had a post on here a while ago about a system I was getting ready to build. Well I've bought everything but the CPU.

    So far I've picked up an NF7-2 rev2.0, 512meg XMS PC3200 Corsair Ram, Enermax 460watt whisper PSU, Thermalright 900U, and a lot of fans and a control unit to handle them all. Got it all in a big Cheiftech server case waiting to go.

    Now the problem is with the CPU. I tried finding a mobile 2500+ (here in Alberta, Canada) and the best price I could find was $250 CND or $190 USD, which is basically robbery since they have them on newegg for $95 USD. I looked through piles of 2500+ bartons trying to find an unlocked one and no go there.

    So my options are bascially a 2500+ locked barton or a 2100+ tbred B that a friend of mine will sell me for the cost of a 2500+ barton. The barton is $109 CND so pretty cheap really. What should I go with? I can't really afford the $250 for an unlocked multi on the mobile and besides for that price I could buy a 3000+ and overclock that (unless of course someone knows of a retailer here that is selling mobiles at a reasonable price).

    Thnx in advance for the advice.

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    with the 2500 you can up the FSB to 200 and have a 3200

    the 2500 has a 11 muiti so at 11x200 = 2200MHz

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    Can't someone in the US just buy the mobile for you and then ship it to you if you pay for it and the shipping and a small labor fee?

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    lol I already thought of that! Actually I was going to take a drive down there and get one (it's about a 3 hour drive to the border) but it's illegal to bring any computer hardware back across the border. Don't ask me why... I don't know. But they have signs up warning you about it, and I don't want to end up on the news as a suspect CPU smuggler heheh

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    wow i thought herb was the main thing canadians were concerned with getting over the border, not hardware LOL
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    Where did you find that mobile Barton for $250?
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