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    Need A Good HDD Deal

    Im going to be picking up a 2nd hard drive tomorrow to use for storage. I was wondering if theres any great deals I should be aware of. I checked Office Max that 160GB is no longer available.

    Here are the 3 Deals I know of:

    Western Digital 160GB Internal Hard Drive $79.99 After Rebates

    Seagate 200GB Ultra ATA/100 $99.99 After Rebates

    Barracuda 160GB, 7200RPM, Internal SATA/150 Hard Drive $99.99 After Rebates

    Was wondering if SATA would be any better then the ATA 100, since the ATA is 200GB and the SATA is 160GB.

    Are there any other HDD Deals I Should Be Aware Of Before I Make A Purchase?

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    trying to keep all the magic smoke in

    $59.99 ($70 MIR) - WDC WD1600BBRTL - CompUSA SKU:310369 [02/15-02/16] 2MB CACHE

    $99.99 ($70 MIR) - Seagate ST3200822A - CompUSA SKU:309209 [02/15-02/21]

    $129.96 ($70 MIR) - WDC WD2500JBRTL - Dell SB SKU:A0158102 [02/12-02/18]

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    They want to make it seem like its better, but really theres no difference. Its the hardware that limits the drive speed, not the cables. (I belive the fastest raid 0 arrays with 2 10k rpm drives are only hitting around 60-70MBs)

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