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    Which driver for 3dmark2k1?

    Hi. im using 40.72 for my ti4200 and it gives me extra 300+ points. Which driver do you suggest for ati? (9500pro)

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    dx 8.1/ win 2k/ cat 3.7

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    I agree with foot

    I ran CAT 3.5 for a long time. The 3.7 is very, very close with the big difference being I get better Nature scores. Other game test drop a bit but overall 3.7 is the best driver I have run in '01
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    I'd say Dx 8.1 cats 3.1 it'll add several 100 points to your score

    Edit: Just look at the ORB. All the top score execpt maybe Fugger are with 3.1 and DX 8.1. If you want 3D03 score then use 4.2 and DX 9b. I gained 500 point over 3.7s with 3.1s. The only other one to think about would be 3.2
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    Omega 3.7's...they gave me over 200 mark increase over the regular 3.7's

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    I would try 3.1s, 3.2s and 3.7s. See what works best. Make sure and use driver cleaner between installs.

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