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    Recommendations for buying a new laptop

    My sister wants to buy a new laptop by any major brand, up to $2000US. I told her that she should make sure it is Pentium IV, 30 GB harddrive, 512 memory. As my knowledge is quite limited, this is about all I knew to tell her.

    So two questions:
    1. Can you recommend a reliable brand/model?
    2. Can you tell us which other features we should be inquiring about? I suppose the screen.

    Thank you

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    Hi, I have no problems recommending any of the new line IBM thinkpads, the T40s or the R40s (In fact, I am writing this now on one). Note also that centrino processors are more suitable for notebooks (less power consumption) than P4s, and not really behind in performance. Also take a good look into the graphics chipset included, since this is generally a lagging area in notebooks.

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    Suggertions for you Sidter

    My Recommendations:
    1) Ask your sis if she really needs an laptop. When thier really needed there isn't any subsitute however many people buy one when an desktop would do and spend a lot more money for less preformance and maintance is a bear.
    2) Spend some time checking out the warrenty and or extended warrenty.You can only bank on a laptop functioning trouble free as long as the warrenty last.After that you enter the world of high dollar computer matience.
    3) Discuss with her how she is going to use it what she wants to do with it and what programs she is going to use it for.When both of you have these answers then you, your computer guru or even overclockers can help guide her in what hardeware she needs. This is so important in laptops because they are not like our pc's that allow us to later decide we want new componebts and run out and add then to our units.A laptop really cuts down on future changes to hardeware.

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    Good advice to go with a IBM Centrino notebook HP and to a lesser extent Dell support has been going downhill
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    Before you buy, it is worth checking out the coupon/hot deal sites, like and Dell, et. al. are always running sales and rebates on computers. These sites list the coupon links or codes for the current deals. You can easily save a couple hundred bucks if you find one that meets your requirements.


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