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    heatsink/fan for 2.4C OC'd to 3.0-3.2 range?

    P4 2.4C with an OC to the 3.0/3.2 GHz Range. What's a good heatsink/fan combo that provides necessary cooling but doesn't sound like a turbine? I'm trying to keep noise down in general.

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    I would go with a Thermalright sp-94 and either a panaflo fan or the thermaltake smartcase2 fan which comes with a fan controller.

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    WELCOME TO THE FORUM: I recommend the Sp-94 by also. I run a 92mm Panaflo U1A on my SP-94 HS.Fan specs are 3450 rpm @ 68.80 cfm / 43 dBA full tilt.This fan is available at Enter item# P11044-ND...for the U1BO..Diff. being solid housing corners and locked rotor alarm sensor.
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    archilochus as usuall posts something i agree with, but if you want to go with something slightly cheaper you could go with the slk 900/947/948 all are good heatsinks and would be able to deal with a 2.4C@3.2 easily

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    Just listen to the advice above

    Pick a Thermalright and a Panaflo that meets your noise/performance requirements.

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