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    Anyone have experiance with the...

    Shuttle SB75G2? Just wondering ya'lls personal opinion.

    my main concern is the 220W PSU. Would that be adequate for an internet/minor gaming machine? I'm most likely going to throw a 2.4C, 1 gig of 3200, and my 9600 pro in there. Gives me a reason to upgrade my current setup cause I'll need the parts for the TV computer

    I didnt know if I should put this in the MB forum or the case forum, so it ended up here.
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    I built one for a friend that had a 2.6c, 9500pro, 120gb HD, DVD+RW, and 5 blue LED's. The PSU seems to be fine, runs very stable at stock speeds.
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    That's surprising, because my PIII 750 needs at least 300W with the little nothing I have in it.
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    It depends, if it's a good PSU that 220W could be the equivelant of some 450W junk. Most people run setups similar to the one johnny5c built for his friend while using the included PSU on that Shuttle.


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