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    Overclocking Question

    My computer: FIC AU13, 400 watt ps, Athalon xp 2500+oc'd to 2ghz (11x182) 1.65vcore, 2 sticks of 256mb pc2700 ddr333 crucial ram running in dual channel-voltage set to 2.5-timings 8,4,4,3., BFG Assylum 5700 ultra non oc'd, Sb Audigy, Windows xp home sp1.

    My computer is very stable at this speed. Temps are 38c and 29c @ load. Ran Prime95 for 11hrs and 3dMark2001 looping for 4hrs. Both ran w/o errors or warnings. Nascar Racing 2003 and Dues Ex 2 are the only 2 games I play at this time and both work fine. I upped fsb to 184 and ran Prime95 for 11hrs and 3dMark2001 for 4hrs, and both ran fine. I started Nascar Racing 2003 and for some reason the graphics have alot of artifacs and eventually it locks up. So I went and upped vcore and ramvoltage 10%(1.80vc and 2.7rv) to see if it would help. The game still has artifacs and still locks up! So then I went and upped fsb to 186 just to see what it would do. the results were even worse. So now ive backed the fsb down to 182 and it runs fine againe.
    Has my computer reached its max oc or am I doing something wrong? It is a nforce2 mb and the pci and agp buses are suppose to be separate from the fsb. All of my drivers are current. Do I need to adjust the agp frequency, its set to auto now? Can someone please help me, I want to go way higher but be very stable!

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    Welcome to the forums.
    I am not familiar with the board, but you might want to see if there is an option to lock the AGP(and PCI) bus.

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    Originally posted by stool
    Welcome to the forums.
    I am not familiar with the board, but you might want to see if there is an option to lock the AGP(and PCI) bus.
    This is correct. When you see artifacts, it's the video card. You've pushed it to it's limit. Pull out the manual or dig around your BIOS and look for something that locks the AGP and/or PCI bus. Most if not all NF2 boards have the option somewhere.

    Once you get that, I'm sure that you'll find that you can get more OC out of it. Upping the voltage was a good idea. That only helps the CPU and RAM respectively.

    I currently run my rig at 1.85v (see sig)

    Oh, and once you get a stable OC, consider folding for team 32. We can use the help.

    Welcome to the forums.
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