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    Problems connecting Dell Wireless router through a D-Link router ... need help plz.

    I am having some problems getting everything connected to my home network and still being able to access the internet. I have a Dell Wireless Trumobile 2300 router (802.11b/802.11g) for use with my laptop and 1 other computer. I also have a D-Link Dl-704P wired router for use with 4 othe rcomputers in my house.

    For some reason, I am not able to connect the Dell routed computers to my home network. I tried setting the Dell to Access Point only mode, and assigning it a static IP address through MAC assignment on the D-link. This gives me a LAN connection but I am still unable to connect to the other newtorked computers and the internet by using this method. And all the settings listed in ipconfig seem to be correct.

    I can access the internet just fine when using the Dell router in Gateway mode, but I can't connect to the LAN that way either. I am completely stupmed here, does anyone know of a working solution for this?

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    Sorry, after re-reading the original post it seems like I may have been somewhat unclear.

    I have my cable modem connected directly to the Dlink router which connects 3 computers. The 4th output on the Dlink router connects to my Dell 2300 Truemobile router which then connects my Laptop via wireless and 1 other wired computer.

    I am trying to set the Dell router as an Access Point only and be able to connect all the computers to the internet AND my home network. I tried following Dell's directions but as usual, they didn't help.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    I have never seen a dual router setup. In piggybacking it is better to use a hub or switch. It is more expensive to do but you could use the wireless router as an access point and put wireless adapters in all the other machines. Set it up as AD-hoc network and have them all assigned to the same workgroup.
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    How are you connected between the Dlink and the Dell routers? Is the cable from the dlink go to the WAN port on the Dell router or a regular port?
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    read this,,,,,,,,,explains it all

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    R U able to get on the internet with all computers?
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    Thanks for the input guys ... I finally got it figured out. In the proccess I realized 2 important things:

    1) Dell sucks

    2) The solution is ALWAYS the dumbest little thing that you tend to overlook.

    Dell's instructions would have worked fine from the get-go if they had included one tiny tidbit of information that they didn't.

    In order for "piggy-backing" to work like this, there must be a cable going from a LAN port on one router to a LAN port on the other. I don't know why or how it works, but plugging the LAN cable into the WAN port causes all kinds of problems like the ones I was having.

    After simply moving the cable from the WAN port to a LAN port on the Dell router, everything is now working fine.

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