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    help me choose CPU

    I have 2 exact same cpus to buy Pentium 4 2.4B ghz 533fsb

    BUT the steppings are different which one should I choose

    SL6RZ Costa Rica


    SL6EF Philipines

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    i would say costa rica
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    What you listed is actually the s-spec code, not the stepping. Both of the two you listed are C1 steppings. I'd probably pick the one with the later pack date I guess. Check the CPU database to see if any of those two are listed. Too bad you can't find one of the D1 stepping 2.4B CPUs, either a SL6PC or a SL6Q8.
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    i would take the costa rica chip, but theres still a chance with both that they will be poor oc'ers. good luck getting a good one!

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