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    Will High Quality SDRAM translate into better O/C stability?

    I have what I like to call "shampoo RAM" generic SDRAM. Its only CAS 3 and its timings are 3-3-3 on my P3V4X mobo (SPD setting). I currently have it clocked at 140Mhz from its stock 133Mhz setting.

    I am unable to O/C beyond 140Mhz FSB without going BLUE SCREEN. I was wondering if I were to invest in high quality SDRAM (i.e. Crucial, etc.) that are CAS 2 and has a 7.5 ms or lower (if they exist) timings maybe I will be able to go above 140Mhz FSB into a stable 142, 144 or above setting?

    Here are my specs:

    PIII 700 FCPGA - cB0 @980Mhz core voltage is 1.90 v (Using Abit Slotket III adapter for slot 1 interface)
    Using Artic Silver paste and Alpha PEP66 T with Delta Fan to cool CPU down

    P3V4X mobo (and yes the clock generator and chipset are being cooled by Artic Silver and a heatsink)
    Shampoo RAM @ 140Mhz (generic SDRAM PC 133 CAS 3 RAM)
    FSB is running at 140Mhz
    I/O voltage is 3.66

    Many thanks if you can provide some advice if any.

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    thats definitely a possiblity...although it might be more than the ram thats holding you back. As you probably know, Sdram is really cheap now...there is pc150sdram thats cas2 out there now. If you got that, you could probably eliminate the ram as a suspect of whats holding you back.

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    yes, the better the ram is generally the higher it will oc to. Micron, Mushkin, Infineon, and Corsair are the names to look out for. Also, the fewer sticks of ram usually allows you to oc better and more stably. IE, one 256 stick will oc better than two 128mb sticks.

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    You may want to try using docmemory to test the stability of your ram (in DOS mode) before getting new RAM. I do agree, however, that higher quality RAM (listed above) will improve your chances of hitting 150MHZ+ FSB. Another thing to consider is your video card (assuming it is AGP). When you up the FSB, the AGP bus is overclocked as well. I had to switch from an old 1X AGP card to a newer 4X card to get my P3V4X stable at 150 MHZ (plus the Corsair memory!). The PCI bus is less affected because there are usually several divider settings available in the BIOS to run it closer to the 33 Mhz spec.

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    Sorry about that, I forgot to mention my Video Card specs, here it is:

    Hercules Geforce 2 GTS 64MB
    Core is 200Mhz and DDR RAM is O/C to 400Mhz. (image and game play is rock solid).

    Running at AGP 2X (4X setting results in system instability)

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    You should do fine with your VC also if you have the VIA chipset make sure sideband is disabled in registry and this will give you extra stability at high FSB. I'm running at 167FSB with 2x settings in bios, better memory will always help but you may be able to set your BIOS memory setting's to minus clock speed and this will let you go higher with your FSB it may cost you a little bandwidth but atleast you will be able to see how high you can go.

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