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    how is the anti-freeze ratio

    i was thinking,since i am using a nalgene bottle that is clearly marked i would to 70/30 fill it up to 300 ML than 700ML of water i was going to use dex cool,this will need to prevent currosion since its alum HC and two copper blox

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    Ummm... yes? =) That'll give you a 30% solution of anti-freeze.

    (You might want to "breathe" a bit and use periods, I had to run through your post a couple times.)
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    hehheh sry i wrote than when i woke up.that was about 5 mins after i woke up.thanks will that decrease performance,having all that antifreeze?
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    too much AF bud!
    10-15% is fine
    higher % of AF will affect temp, but you may never notice it, unless you are chilling your water (will lower your flow rate)

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