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    Question FAT32 Partions under Redhat 9.0?

    Hi guys. Just did a clean install of Redhat 9.0. I have 2 HD's. The one thats used for storage is FAT32. I tried to run "make symlinks dep" to implement the changes I made under the KDE Control Center -> Administartion -> Linux Kernel (enabling different file systems support). But when I try to make a link to a hard disc on the desktop, it doesn't show up in the list. Can someone please tell me how to be able to access my files on my fat32 hard drive? Thanks Guys!

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    you need to mount the drives, then make a symlink from the mount location -- to your desktop

    #mount -t vfat(or whatver filesystem) /dev/blooblyblahblah /mnt/gibblydoobywibbyly
    #ln -s /mnt/gibblydoobywibbyly /home/user/desktop/kdething
    now theres probably some fancy gui thing to do this
    but this is a more universal way, as im not too familiar with RH

    you can also add the drive to the fstab, to mount it at bootup

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