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    Exclamation A quick question! (need quick answer)

    Ok I have 2 power supply in hand.

    The first is a enermax 460W (used to power the system in my sig)
    Everythings is stable with this one, but it is noisy.

    The other one is a fortron 350W power supply (FSP350-60BT)
    This one is very quiet and I want to know if this one could be enough to run:

    Mobile 2500+ (new and hoping to reach 2.6-2.7 ghz (watercooling)
    Ati radeon 9700pro oc to 390 core and 360 mem.

    What do you think??

    Thanks in advance!

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    You're watercooling, use the bigger PSU. You can always swap the fans.

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    i agree with tom for using the 460 watt, but if you want to get something powerful and quiet and don't mind getting a new psu you can look at the antec 550, i can't even hear mine.

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    yes thats what i'd do. Go with the higher wattage. WHat are the amp ratings for the psu's? i'm pretty sure that enermax will have at least 25amps on the 12 and 5 volt rails.

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