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    Mobile Athlon Xp 2500+ highest overclock?!

    Hey, new to the forums but I was just wondering what's the highest overclock on the mobile 2500? I'm about to get mine in a couple of days so I'm looking to get a good number out of it hopefully. Right now I have a desktop athlon xp 2400+ at 2.5 ghz on water cooling stable.. so I have high expectations for this mobile chip.

    So please post your results! 2.7ghz and higher please and your specs. I have a old kryotech unit sitting here and going to mod it soon to accept the mobile chip.. I'll let you guys know how that does.

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    you might want to try a little searching for it

    Heres one thread Theres a bunch more threads too. Try looking in the AMD section.

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    Yea, there's been a bunch of threads.. it's just a bit much trying to go through 20 pages of posts. I was hoping to find the highest overclockers that's why I limited to people over 2.7ghz.

    Well, I guess I'll start off.. I just got my mobile 2500+ today and out of the box it's running at 2.7ghz @ 1.95v, so I'm happy. I'm running it on a Abit NF7-S 2.0, Dangerden WC block, and a chevy heatercore. It's priming right now for a couple of hours already, and so far so good.. Hopefully it'll go a bit higher once broken in.

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