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    Thumbs up PMI3200-1024DGL Dual Channel 1GB !NEW

    PMI suprisingly have a new memory PMI3200-1024DGL come out for overclocking. Recently review by ClubOC, there result is quite unexpected.

    Only neutron express for $220 and ioCombo for $218(coupon 04030401) has it so far.

    Do you think they are worth the try?

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    The "very rare" CH5 is far from such, and is on the low-end of the list for uber-overclocking. The rare ones are Winbond BH5 and BH6, along with Hynix Bt-D43 and Adata stuff.

    For less than $20 more, you can get a gig of ram that will do DDR590 and higher... Look about three threads down for the Komusa Adata memory thread. And for reference, see my signature $238 with free shipping bought me memory that is running into the limit of my actual motherboard!
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