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    What is the difference between Grade A and Grade B refurbished monitors?

    Is grade A mean that its from an office and grade b from a private user?

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    I'd like to know this too! I just bought a refurbished A monitor from a local place, and it's in very nice shape. Only flaw i can find with it is a tiny little scratch on the screen...
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    correct me if im wrong but A is Tested, no cosmetic or tech damage. 6month exchange
    B- working condition, 30day exchange

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    It will depend on the vendor but generally this rule is followed.

    A - perfect working order and in like new physical condition
    B - Perfect working order but may include cosmetic defects or damage not related to the function of the product.

    C - items never out-right sold to cosumers, but are safe to be donated
    Any other grade - only safe to be sold as lots of scrap
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