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Thread: a little help..

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    a little help..

    about a week ago i started *experimenting* with my celeron 300A... i got it running stable @ 450mhz (4.5x100), but when trying to up it a bit more, it became unstable. it wouldnt boot up so i tried restarting and it still didnt boot up... i turned off the power supply and waited a bit, then tried again and it still didnt reset to the normal clock speed. i ended up taking my whole computer apart and putting it back together, and then it turned on fine back @ 300mhz... this took a pretty long time, and i am wondering if there is any easier or faster way of resetting the bios to the original cpu clock settings when it wont start up... thx


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    welcome to the forums!!

    If you jump your CMOS that will clear that up

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    Yep and if that gives you trouble just take the battery out of your MB and that will do it too.

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    Unless your jumping to a 133mhz FSB then you shouldn't not be able to boot up.

    Increase your FSB a little at a time, till you can't load windows or its unstable.

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    Finding the jumper for clearing CMOS can be found in your motherboard manual...if not, as stated above, pull the battery out...I think you have to have it out for a while tho.

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