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Thread: flight combat?

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    flight combat?

    Looking for a good/fun modern combat flight sim, janes were really good, but now outdated. I know there are some new ones, but I can't think of any names. Any suggestions?
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    Lock-on Modern air combat (LOMAC) its the cats pajamas... and is 40 bucks (it was 20 back at gogamer.coms 48 hour madness sale awhile ago..) thats the newst one, it has modern aircraft.

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    LOMAC is one of the latest and greatest. I have it, but I haven't really been able to get excited about it yet. The learning curve is so steep that I get bored, and go back to playing Il-2 Forgotten Battles.

    I doubt that any jet sim will ever displace WW-2 era sims for me. I'm really only looking forward to future WW-2 sims that are better than Forgotten Battles. And that won't be easy.

    A new expansion for Forgotten Battles has just been released, with quite a few more flyable planes. I can't wait.
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    microsoft's flight simulator ruleZ. i think that the microsoft simulatoe 2004 is on the selves but am not sure. but i know that those sim are great. try them out. i think you will like a lot

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    Originally posted by Asteras
    microsoft's flight simulator ruleZ. i think that the microsoft simulatoe 2004 is on the selves but am not sure. but i know that those sim are great. try them out. i think you will like a lot
    he said he wants a COMBAT sim. and microsofts combat sim SUX so i dont think thats wut he had in mind. though, your right, microsoft flight sims are pretty sweet if all you wanna do is fly around and crash your plane into buildings
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    As said before IL2 and Lomac are your only real choices in the combat sim genre these days, however if you settle on lomac get ready to spend ungodly ammounts of time learning the game. On a side note, if you have flight sim 2002 or 2004 head over to and get yourselves some addon aircraft, it makes the flight sim games 100% more fun!.
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    I like microsoft's combat flight simulator series.
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    for a non-combat flight sim, i saw this one called XPlane in one of my PopSci's. It looks so much better than M$'s stuff. This one can display flight vectors in real time, fly just about any airplane that someone makes. It even has Starwars Racing Pods and stuff. I havent seen it any where. im dling the demo right now.

    I was just playing Janes F/A-18 and it looks pretty crappy in the graphics department. But its still fun.
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    Try and find a copy of Falcon 4. It had a few problems when it came out, but has been fixed and modded quite a bit. Now it has graphics that are almost as good as LOMAC, but runs better. I have tried LOMAC and went right back to Falcon 4.

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