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    Question slowdown of menus

    hey there,
    recently, my computer seems to have been performing oddly. it runs ok, normal speeds for most things like games etc, but when i want to do something like right click the start menu, it takes like 4 seconds or more. its like it when i try and delete things too. any ideas what could be causing the slowdown?

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    Try to minimize the task's that you have running on startup.
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    if you are experiencing the slow down after you've been playing a memory intensive game like battlefield then your menus are delayed because they are being retrieved out of your page file and they should speed back up after you click them a few times and they have been put back into regular memory. a few other things such as hibernate and sleepmode will do the same thing and you can fix it the same way. Another thing is if you have all the menu fading goodies and what not on, try turning that off and see if it helps any.
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    Try getting tweakUI (google it)

    You can use it to turn up the menu speed, which may not totally resolve the issue if this is a hardware issue, but it should help.
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    ok i think the problem is fixed. i have got rid of a few startup tasks and also tried restarting more often to keep the memory fresh and it seems to be ok now. cheers for ure help.

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