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    Recovery Disc's and DVD-R's?

    I was just wondering, and maybe one of you out there knows. But can you make a drive image onto a DVD-R? And if so, will the DVD-R be bootable say if you made it with norton ghost?

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    I figure that making a drive image to a DVD would be the same as making it to a CDrom. As for as booting from a DVD, I'm not sure..But I think that you can do both, just not sure how to.
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    With Nero 6 you can backup a hard drive to dvd and yes, it is bootable.I imagine it suffers the same fate as any other software that works in windows,not backing up files in use,but I cannot say for sure.I have used it and saw no evidence of any missing files.
    I beleive that Norton's 2004 works professional has a program that does the same,also within windows.I am still using Ghost 2003.Please let us know if you can find a way for it to work in DOS.
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