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    Going from sblive5.1 to audigy. REFORMAT?

    Should I reformat going from an sblive 5.1 to an audigy? Or just uninstall the drivers and software of the sblive?

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    You should be able to just uninstall the sblive stuff.

    In this case I would try without a reformat, and if it screws up, then reformat.

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    You should be able to just uninstall the drivers for the 5.1 and install the audigy drivers. Most of the software is the same anyway.

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    I cant imagine a situation where you would have to reformat by just installing a new sound card. Just make sure you remove all the old drivers and stuff before you put the audigy in. These days, a lot of driver packages come with removal tools for previous drivers. Failing that, you can just go into the control panel and use Add/Remove programs to get rid of the drivers. I know that video drivers are usually listed under there. If it's not there, try "installing" the newest version of the sblive5.1 drivers. I don't know this for certain (hercules does it with their sound cards, I dunno about creative), but if you have drivers currently installed, it SHOULD detect that and give you the option to remove the current drivers before you install new ones. By this theory, you should be able to just run it once, shut down, swap out cards, and then install your audigy.

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    I will give my expert advice in the matter *ignores the previous posts that CLEARLY give the answer*

    I doubt that you'd ever have to format just for a sound card.

    Video cards with older OSes though...that's a real problem.
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    All the answers are above.
    If you're worried about having the latest drivers this link is the autoupdate feature from creative. It'll make sure you have the latest drivers.
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    thanks everyone.
    and thanks for that autoupdate link tebore

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