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    By what logic? Raidmax 430 vs Antec 350

    While researching a memory issue, I came to realize that the case and PSU I was about to get was not quite what it seemed.

    I had ordered a Raidmax w/ a 430w PSU (KY-520ATX), figuring it should be hefty enough to handle OC'ing my 2500+, 4hd, 2 optical, etc. Come to find out that it seems Raidmax PSU's kinda suck, so I revisited my search for a case and stuff.

    The SL350 listed on the SLK3700, though listed as 350w seems to have much better stats listed. What's going on here?

                 +3.3V  +5V     +12V  -5V    -12V   +5Vsb  "Total Output Wattage"
    Raidmax      26.0   32.0    13.0  0.5    0.8    2.0      420W
    Antec        28     35      16    0.5    0.8    2.0      350W
    Why am I sensing some funny math issues at play here?

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    because there is funny math goin on. looks like the raidmax is rated for its peak power and the antec is rated for its R.M.S. power. antecs are in the top 3 for psu brands in my book.

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    Raidmax is made with inferior parts compaired to the Antec. This gives the Antec the ability to out preform the Raidmax even when it's rated at 80W less. Same deal with the 350W Fortron's they may be rated at 350W but they can output almost 400 with no problem.
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    i also agree that antec is one of the best.

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