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    Sapphire Cooling ?

    What cooling would you get for a sapphire atlanis 9800pro ?

    I fancy having a good overclock with it but im at a loss as to
    what cooling i should buy for it ?

    I can get 410Core and 380Mem @ stock but after that im getting
    glitches and lots of artifacts in 3dmark2001se Ati tool, Ext,ext

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    get a Arctic Cooling VGA silencer Rev.2 - the best 9800 cooling you can buy

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    i hear ppl like to use models like this (i like it but not big enuf imo)

    but i am in love with this i just was searching(for you and i want one so bad looks nice and the fan is mounted to the hs so u can take of the p4 mounting sytem and the fan is so sexy

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