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    Angry DSL modem will not install.

    It is a Creative DSL USB 7410, when i load the installation disk and the installation wizard comes up i select the driver that is on the disk and it says "The style of the INF is different than what was requested". i have no clue what to do. i have windows xp os and it recoqnizes it. I went to the creative lab site but they dont have the driver to download. If anyone has any solutions or info on what i could do to get it to work i would be extremely happy. Im so sick of 56k.

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    hmmm Xp doesnt install a driver automatically if u dont use the disk? dam dialup does really suck!

    If Xp recognizes that its connected then u might try going to windows update! they have drivers for my mouse listed lol.
    They might just have 1 waiting for u?

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    Well, I misread the map and ended up on Earth...oops.
    I've had a LOT of trouble installing hard ware on XP Home. Do you have an older computer (98 preferibally) to install it on and tinker with so you do not screw up your good computer?

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    Unplug your modem then i would install the software from the cd when it comes up with finshed plug the Modem in and see if that works .
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    Thanks for all the replies, but its to late. I already punched the modem a couple times and busted it up pretty bad as well as my hand, and then had roadrunner installed. 45 dollars wasted but, but i learned a lesson from this, i really dont know what yet but im sure i did.

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