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    Getting a Heatsink off Voodoo3

    Mkay here I go, I have a voodoo3 2000 that I'm going to mod just for fun to see how much of a diff in score I can get for some benchmarks. Anyways I've tried running it for a long time under stress to heat up the tim....yet to no avail. Kinda tried razor...would take me like a year to do though, thought about freezing but kinda worried.

    I think the heat idea is out....cause I overclocked it and still wouldnt get hot enought to take the heatsink off.

    Thanks for the help,

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    haha took some pliers to that mofo, worked like a charm

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    I was going to suggest that when i came in :P
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    Hey there- I had the same problem. Heres what u have to do to get that HS off:

    1) Get an antistatic bag
    2) Place the ENTIRE card in the bag
    3) tape the bag shut
    4) PLace in freezer for about 1 hour
    5) Remove the card from freezer and bag
    6) use a knife or other prying tool to pry the HS off

    It should come off fairly easy with some effort. Goood luck and long live 3Dfx!

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