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    Asus P2B-VT Bios

    I just got this board from a friend for free, It has a slot P3 733MHz in it. The problem is the board has an hp bios on it which i know its locking out the oc's features of the board. Asus does not list a bios for this board but they do list bio's for the other P2B boards, I was wondering if there was a bios that I could use so I could get rid of the HP bios on the board now.

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    I think you're stuck. The stock Asus BIOS is an Award. The HP is a Phoenix. If you will look very closely at the board, you'll see there are two spots where a resistor can be soldered. One is labeled Phoenix, the other Award. On the HP version of the board, the resistor is on the Phoenix dots.

    I have one of those that I got for free. I did a search when I got it, and I read a post on another forum where someone tried the standard Asus BIOS on the HP version, and ended up with a dead motherboard for their trouble. That was when I looked closely, and saw the resistor.

    If you were really hardcore about it, you could try removing and replacing the resistor. But it was beyond my soldering skills, so I've left well enough alone.
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    None of the overclocking options on the P2B were set in the BIOS except maybe some of the memory timings. All settings were set by jumpers. HP was famous for cutting the jumpers off of the board. download the manual from the Asus site and look for the jumpers. I will bet you have a bunch of wire dots cut flush with the board where the jumpers should be.

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