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    How many SMP Chipsets are there?

    Hi there! I was just wondering, is there only that one variation of the AMD760 chipset that is used in SMP boards? Because, that's like, a major bummer... I mean, the CPU's have 400+MHz busses now, and not to mention Dual-Channel RAM... Is the 760 really the best there is? And I was just would a dually mobile 2600+ (@ like, 2.5GHz, let's say) in one of these archaic boards bench compared to one 2600+ in an nForce2 board? What programs would you notice differences in?

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    There is the MP and the MPX. Pretty much all the boards being made now are MPX. There is not going to be any other chipset for socket 462 dual MBs. Might want to wait to see what happens with the Dual 64bit stuff.

    The CPU will probally not clock as high in a Dual MB. You are limited to FSB of 150 and modding the CPU to get different V-Cores and Multipliers.

    SMP will make a difference in any application designed to use it, Adobe Suite and some others. As well as any one who is multitasking.
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    Alright - thanx for the info/advice; i think i will wait and see what happens with the 64-bit stuff, as you said

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