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    Angry ahhhh i dont know whats wrong

    Right first things first will give you a full run down of my hardware

    Gigabyte SINXP1934
    P4 3.06ghz
    Swiftech MCX478-V + tornado
    OCZ Platinum 1gig 3200
    Asus 9800XT
    Sound Blaster Audigy
    adaptec Scsi 29160

    The issues im having appear to be gfx based but that has just been replaced from the 9700pro i did have to the 9800....

    The problem im having is my PC locking up randomly when playing games and benchmarking..

    although when i am playing games, if i am running mp3s they keep going so its like it dies completly

    i have tried all the difernt drivers under the sun inlcuding the omega drivers...

    i have flashed my bios to f6 and i have the latest agp drivers installed

    i am running xp at the moment and had the same problems under 2k

    i have stripped my system down to the barebone just my gfx card and one hdd connected and still got the same problems...

    the only thing i think of is a faulty mobo or compatiabilty issues with gigabyte and ati chipsets

    if its the mobo what would u recomend....

    prefably not gigabyte

    i need one that has sata and is good for oc....

    thanks mike

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    what kind of chipset is on that mobo???
    i think gigabyte is very good!!!
    maybe u just have to buy a new mobo (w/ an other chipset)

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    I would look at the the power supply and the temps before I assume the board is bad..

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    i ve got an antec trupower 550w psu

    and my p4 idles at 33-36 and at load tops at 52

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    Check the voltages of the PSU, easily done via the bios....

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    52?? That seems a bit high for a pentium

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    yeah i thought that,, dunno if i used too much paste or not enough or summit

    dunno y it gets that hot... i think the room temp dont help some times

    most of my pc in no more than 3 months old

    im using the dps u get with the board but that dont make much odds

    and i had the same trouble when i had my old psu

    i have been slowley replacing everything to try and solve it

    which gets kinda expensive after a while

    the only things not replaced r the mobo and soundcard
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    so can any one recomend a new mobo?? 140 spending limit

    one that will suppurt my mem properly would be good as my current one dont

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