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    I need a watered down linux distro

    I recently aquired an old p1 that has 16megs of EDO memory, a floppy and cdrom drive and a 4 gig drive, i wanna put linux on it and throw the computer in my living room as an mp3 server, what linux distro will run on this very bare system??
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    Slackware, Debian, or LFS maybe?
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    I'd suggest on of the mp3 distros on The smallest ones are fitting on a floppy but have mp3 playback support

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    Yeah, any very basic distro might be alright like that if you do not install X and give it some good swap space. Just setup samba to share the MP3's out to other computers.

    DamnSmallLinux would be easy to install. It's got X and fluxbox and a light web browser, it is a very basic debian otherwise and installs like knoppix.

    You would need to boot using cheatcodes to run in text mode the first time, then probably run cfdisk and create a swap partition on your hard drive.

    With that done, you should be able to reboot normally into fluxbox (if your video hardware is half-way decent) and install from there (it will automatically see and use the swap partition).
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