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    A64 instead of 2600M

    yesterday i ordered a barton 2600+ mobile.

    today i canceled the order

    it had already got to fedex but was still in same state.

    i called newegg and they told me after it gets to me just reject the package and it will go back to them and they will credit my account.

    so i got to thinking and called fedex and tried to stop it b4 it left state and from what it sounds like i did

    so my account at newegg should be credited with in a few days instead of a couple weeks.

    now the really good news.

    guess what im gonna get ???

    A64 3200+

    dont know what mboard and power supply yet

    i think im gonna stick with the via chipset over nforce 3 because it has the 16 bit HTT bus (or something like that)

    and via chipset has extra features nforce3 150 dont have yet

    i could change my mind on that but not sure

    the A64 will run $270.00
    mboard hopefully under $100.00 (my budget)
    PSU under $50.00 (hopefully)

    thats $420 total dor a pretty nice system

    i will want the agp/pci lock (i know MSI dont have it yet but i think they are working on it)

    im pretty excited even though i wont be able to order it for a while (takes two weeks for me to get my credit card in mail)

    anyhow any suggestions?

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    id a kept the mobile 2600+ and theres no way you're get a nice mobo for under $100, especially if you want the a64 to perform. Prolly for a 64 bit, from what Ive looked at, a motherboard is gonna run you sub $200.
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    there are a few boards under $100 for the socket 754 , dont really know how good they are.

    the socket 939 is gonig to be out soon along with Nforce 3 250 board hitting the market. id lease wait and see how they do.

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    not true there are actualy a few under $100.00 (new)

    that one good a pretty good review from THG or anandtech (cant rem)

    same CO diff board

    and there are alot more then that that are under $100.00

    i might go $20.00 higher for the mboard but got to really watch my moneys

    any suggestions peeps

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    I wouldn't get the 3200, no way, the 3000+ is so close in performance, cache on AMD chips makes so little of difference, and it's a lot cheaper(the 3000+) the difference in price you could get a great motherboard.

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    i was definately looking at the cache (xtra 512KB)

    i do alot of video editing (not professionally at all) and i do mostly gaming (80%)

    dont really care bout the 200+ extra but the cache concerned me a bit (its $50.00) more for A64 3200

    anyone else want to add to this

    their view on the cache thing

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    The 3200 does perform reasonbly better then the 3000 does get it. What are u using for cooling?? Any way for the extra 50 get the 3200. Or if u can hold ur cash and wait for the new mobos and cpus(hopefully with agp/pci lock)then do.

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    From the resaults of two memebers here. They both have Radeon 9800Pro, and one has Athlon 64 3000+, another one has Athlon 64 3200+. With everything at stock speed, the one with 3200+ got 21,000+ points in 3dmark2k1SE, the one with 3000+ got 19,000+ points. The difference is from the CPU, since they both have Radeon 9800Pro, and everything ran at stock speed. And we know 3dmark2k1SE score is showing the gaming performance fairly realistic.

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    3000 points is a pretty good diff

    look what i just stumbled on

    (not that i can afford it) (i dont think)

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    21000 - 19000 = 2000

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    my math is usually good dont know what happend there

    but yep 2000 points

    kinda makes you go hmmmm

    what to do

    does one OC better then the other?

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    It depends on your cooling. From what I have seen so far, most people's 3000+ can reach 2.3~2.4GHZ. With a Radeon 9800Pro, 3dmark2k1SE score range 23,000+ or more. Can't remember any 3200+ resaults, probably not that much different in MHZ, but at the same MHZ 3200+ always outperform 3000+ because of the double Level 2 cache.

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    I remember in the mobo review thingy the albatron k8t one got 265 mhz fsb stable. No pci locks and all, but it does seem like a good deal.
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    350w turbolink psu
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    PNY 5900SE@460/975 w/RL Bios

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    I believe the false saying of "cache difference for AMD isn't as important as for Intel" is from the view of P4 Northwood vs. P4 Celeron, and Tbred vs. Barton. There is a difference here, P4 Northwood has 512KB cache, which is 4 times of P4 Celeron's 128KB. While Barton only has 2x cache of total 512KB compare to Tbred's 256KB. Sure the difference between P4 Northwood and P4 Celeron is much larger than the difference between Tbred and Barton.
    512KB - 128KB = 384KB (P4 northwood vs. P4 celeron)
    512KB - 256KB = 256KB (Barton vs. Tbred)

    Certainly 386KB cache gains more performance than 256KB cache, and also 128KB cache for Celeron is way too little to perform "normal", while 256KB for Tbred is fair enough to perform good. This gives people the false idea of cache size for P4 does a lot more matter than AMD's chips. And the false saying being repeated 100 times than it turns to be the "truth". More and more people are saying it, and more they say it, more other people will get the idea.

    I am sure if AMD boost 3200+'s Level 2 cache to 2MB instead of the 1MB cache it has now, the difference compare to 3000+ will just be as big as northwood vs. celeron, or at least close. (since the difference are both 4:1 in cache size)

    Well above is my opinion, correct me if I am wrong.
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    I'da definitely gone Mobile + DFI.
    The A64's don't o/c - so no fun there, and the Mobile will give the 3200+ a good run for its money .... talking of which, you'da saved a packet with a DFI Infinity and the moby.
    Check the sig.

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    i think the power supply im using is a generic one and i dont even think its 250 watts

    i have 3 7200 rpm drives and 1 cdrw on the ide chains

    3 *256 pc 21 mem

    cpu 1800XP paly

    linksys nic

    s.b. live

    4 usb devices

    ati 9800 xt card

    and i have never had 1 prob with restart, BSOD, or corruption of any sort

    i really dont even this its 250

    so my point it do u think it could work with the A64 setup

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    i spent alot of time thinking bout going the overclocking route with a barton (believe me) but after all the factors waying into it i really would like a new 64bit chip (64bit OS windows is getting close) and the performance if i get absolutely no OC out of it is still very good

    if i get a good mboard with sound that would be great too (good sound). im tired of this S.B live

    also i dont think the bartons have SSE2 and maybe other instructions as well

    64bit has got to be kool

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    I would have thought the price/performance ratio was what would have mattered, plus all the joy and fun of getting a serious o/c.
    The DFI is spectular and surprising in this respect - and the sound is easily the best of any NF2 offering.
    First came the 8RDA+ and everyone was gushing, then the NF7-S and people were waxing lyrical - and now there's the DFI Ultra's ... easily the greatest mobo in its class and unlikely to be surpassed. Truly the Cadillac of Cadillacs.

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    your absolutely right on the price/perf thing

    after all that is why i did order the 2600M in the first place

    but here is where it failed

    im gonna have around $400.00 to spend and after i ordoerd the 2600m i still had around $300.00

    so i was gonna get another HD (about $80.00 for an 80 giger) and i was gonna get a dvdrw (lite-on for like $85.00) and maybe a new case ($60.00 for one with a glass side)

    i was gonn use that 2600M in my current mboard with my current ram (pc2100) so i wasnt gonna be able to take my FSB past 139mhz (known prob with my mother board) i did contemplate on getting another mboard (nforce2 ultra400) something

    and then i said damn i can get a new A64 3200+, mobo and PSU and have a system i can build on for at least a year i hope

    so there were a lot of factors that went into it and if i can get the A64 to overclock it would be great

    dont forget a 100mbz oclock on the A64 will be more then a 100mhz on an athlon

    but you are right it was a very close decision very clsoe
    so close i had it ordored and on its way

    cant get to much closer than that

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    well the new king of A64 OC might just be an A64 3200+ that is currently not really available on newegg.
    its the A64 3200+ DTR, start reading this thread from my post (with the pics) and see what I mean.
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