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    For Those Of You Who Say I Dont Know.....

    for those of you who say i dont know wether to believe the Mach 1 or 2 probe or the motherboard probe....or whatever other probe your using besides the Mach1 or 2 probe....i finally figured it out lol some of you might have already some havent..for those of you who havent ill explain it to you...the Mach 1 or 2 probe only shows the temps for the EVAPORATING Temps.........If you want the True temps of your CPU then Believe your MB or whatever prob your using to measure your CPU is a pic of the Mach probe if you STILL dont get what im saying lol.....the temp probe reader is at the near bottom colored aqua....

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    Most AMD motherboards still measure CPU temps using the socket thermistor. That's why they report temps that may seem inordinately high.

    In my experience, socket temps will, on average, be 20-30C higher than die temps, and evaporator temps will be 15-25C lower.

    My 2500+ @ 2.1v had socket temps of 15C and evap temps of -30C, and a final die temp of -15C. My P4 uses its on-die diode to read CPU temps and at 1.65v its temps are -40C evap, and -27C on-die.
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