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    Arrow Oc'ing a old intel 166

    I have an old pentium 166 MMX w/ a asus P/I XP55T2P4 mobo.
    I've update the bios, and I was wondering if this old thing could be Oced, and how???
    The bios is different and I don't know which settings to modify.
    I use it only to play mp3s, but I still find it slow...

    If someone has a clue, please respond.

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    The older systems like that mainly used Jumpers to OC it...if you can find a manual or a PDF of the should show you what jumpers and where to set them to OC it...but dont expect a real big might get 200 out of it...but I wouldnt expect it to go past 250Mhz...

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    looks the bus can be run at 50,55,60,66,75 mhz
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    Thanks guys...

    Looking that up & gonna boost the old timer.

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    If Cack is right about having a 75 FSB option, that would be cool. Some of those P-166 were decent overclockers. Like was said, you'll have to use jumpers for overclocking. Most will do 200 MHz and if it's an MMX CPU, then 233 is possible with decent cooling. Ideally, 3X75=225 would probably give you the best bang if you can crank it that high. Initially, I would try raising the multiplier from 2.5X to 3X (leave the FSB alone at first). If that works and if it's stable, then try raising the FSB from 66 to 75 MHz. I've used a stock Celeron 667 heatsink/fan on a socket 7 mobo before. If you don't have a better heatsink that will work, at least use good thermal paste and lap the P-1 heatsink, plus add a case fan.
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    How does 500 MHz sound? Read this article,

    On of those with a K6-2+ 475 was my first decent computer.

    While not as good as the K6-2+, standard K6-2's are available at Newegg for $16.00.

    Here is a link to a modded BIOS that shows the correct CPU speed at 500, and can support a 128 gigabyte harddrive.
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