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    well i know that xboxes are going to drop in price the beggining of April, but where can i get cheap ones? i dont care if they are refurbished or whatever i just want them cheap. any ideas.

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    a quick search brought this up

    u can also check ebay, but watch out for unscrupulous sellers that sell non-working xboxes
    The search function is there for a reason, USE IT!!!

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    I used it reguires you to sign up for a lot of small trial website offers for a small fee for each one and for each site you sign up for you get points when you get enough points you get a brand new x box, it totals for about 30 dollars and it really works, while it did take a while for me to get the x-box i paid 30 dollars and free shipping so its amazing check it out if you have the time and patience. Loving my $30 X-box

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    This falls under the same category as: Playstation2's, Gamecubes, Ipods, and any other "standard" priced electronic.

    Retails price: $179.99 across the board.
    Online retail price: $179.99 across the board.

    The only way you'll find a "deal" is used on ebay, or "refurbished" from Gamestop or EB Games.

    Or you could try a spam-pyramid-scam thing for a $30 Xbox...which just sounds fishy.
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    i thought it was fishy at first too but it really worked

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    Best deal I know of is the $130 refurb plus free shipping at

    I have bought from them before and will do it again.

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