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    Help with my laptop

    I just bought an emachines m6805 laptop with an athlon 64 mobile processor. I installed GCPUID and it recognises it as an Athlon 64 (clawhammer), but says the cpu speed is only 801 mhz.
    I realise this is most likely due to power conservation, but is there any way to adjust it? Id like to get a little more out of it on average than just 801 mhz. Im also having a hard time installing MBM5 on it, mainly because I dont know the motherboard manufacturer, so I cant get any of the temp sensors to work, although GCPUID says thermal monitoring is supported. any ideas?

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    you can look at this article for information on overclocking the notebook. more specifically this page mentions your notebook and links to overclocking it. in the second link, you can also find a link to a temp monitoring program that the user got to work with his notebook

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    It should speed up depending on the load. If you want it to run full speed then change the power profile to Minimal Power Management.
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