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    I just joined for my first time folding

    Donated my 2nd box to folding for team 32 (us)

    good old 1.4ghz t-bird action


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    Welcome to the Fold!

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    Thank you and Welcome

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    Welcome aboard!

    Remember if you have ?'s folding, post them, the forums are loaded with great people willing to help. I know, they have helped me many times.
    Folding for TEAM 32: bizhar

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    Welcome to the Fold. Your statement begs a question however; why isn't your 1st box folding??

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    Welcome to the team, we can sure use the help.

    You think you can scare up any more machines?
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    It's always great to see newbie's show up and join the fray. Welcome to the team.

    ~ Folding for Sharon, Joy, Kathy, Cathy, Nancy, Peanut, and so many others ~[/size]

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    Welcome to the team
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    Welcome to Team 32. As has been stated. When you have questions don't hesitate to ask. We are here to help.

    Fold On

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