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    fan & controller

    I was wondering what the best 120mm fan is that has a good CFM with little noise.
    also if there were any good 3.5" fan controllers with a decent wattage that can control a minimum of four fans.

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    Panaflo's are always a good option. I'd also look at the Antec ball bearing.

    Vantec Nexus does a good job for me.
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    I second a Panaflo and a Vantec Nexus.

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    Also Papst and those aluminium frame ones. (Titan?)
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    Originally posted by Veland
    Also Papst and those aluminium frame ones. (Titan?)
    Evercool 120mm fan 79cfm/>36dba

    I have 3 of these in my system, attached to a Nexus 305 - and its a wonderful setup.

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