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    AMD XP-M FSB trick really nescaserry?

    I was wondering if those wire tricks are really nescaserry. Can't you just up the FSB and Multiplier in the BIOS?
    Isn't the wire trick just a way to makes things a bit easier in the BIOS or will it just not work wothout them?

    Besides the wire trick there is also the other trick of course. Forgot how it was called :-)

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    the L12 wire trick is what you're talking about. NF7(-S) motherboards sometimes don't like to get very high FSB with 133MHz FSB chips. so when you make it into a 166MHz FSB chips, it may allow you for higher FSB clocking.
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    ah ok, that sounds logical.
    now I know I have to do the trick when my 2400+ XP-M arrives :-)
    thnx for the reply!

    btw: I ment the L12 too :-)

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    The other one I think is called the 8-bit mod which force the cpu to default @ 200mhz.

    I heard it gives minimal performance gain on boards other than the NF7. On my old NF7, it gave me 30mhz fsb increase. It's definitely worth it on the NF7.

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    If you want to get above 21* in FSB you MUST do the L12 mod if you are using an Abit NF7 board.

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