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    Quiet HSF for XP-M Overclocking


    I will be purchasing a AMD XP-M 2600+ and I was wondering if you guys could offer me advice on which HSF to buy. I am looking for the quietest solution but with good enough performance on air-cooling for overclocking. I have a Gigabyte 7NNXP motherboard which has no mounting holes.

    I am currently running a XP 2000+ with a Volcano 9 CoolMod with the RPM set at around 2300. This is sufficiently quiet only because the sound is drowned out by the 6 8cm case fans I have. Over the 12 or so months I've had this system I've grown quite annoyed at the noise level.

    For the new system I would really like it to be as quiet as possible but cannot afford to invest in a water-cooled setup. Could you guys please offer your suggestions bearing in mind that noise levels must be at a minimum but also overclocking is a possibility?

    Thanks very much and your inputs are greatly appreciated.

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    Thermalright SLK-900A , it is the best clip on heatsink thermalright has

    and topped with one of These with either the 80mm or 90mm

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    zalman al-cu...?

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    Originally posted by Unoid
    zalman al-cu...?
    The high end Zalman's one requires mounting holes which my motherboard does not have.

    Seems like the SLK-900A is good for me. Now I just gotta pick a quiet fan to go with it.

    Is it true that 92mm fans whilst running slower than their 80mm counterparts, push more air through?

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    Yes, it's true that 92mm fans at lower speeds push more air through - higher volume, lower pressure. And generally, less noise.

    *Remembers some -unnamed- 60mm screamers in the box of a fellow sitting next to him at a lan party...*


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