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    How much can I OC this?

    How much can I overclock a Intel P4 3.0C

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    Depends...from 3GHz - 3.9GHz on good air cooling
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    how about a 3.2C ? It's only a few dollars more

    How much can it be OC on air and run stable.

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    The faster teh cpu does not necessarily mean that it will be faster. I dont know how well they OC, but I do know that many people have better luck with lower processors, because to get the same speeds they have to run at higher fsb's, and fsb>multiplier.

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    Every proc is different. Ive seen people with my exact same setup get about 1.7 ghz out of my processor, but I can only get 1.5 out of it. Which isnt that much of a difference (Celeron 1300). Every system is different.

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    I wouldnt OC a 3.2 ghz... Thats fast enough...

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    Originally posted by Neo-Tebow2000
    I wouldnt OC a 3.2 ghz... Thats fast enough...
    and your on a ocers forum...why? fast enough shouldnt be in your vocabulary

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    I agree 110% with yzzuf! I got a 3.2 running at 3.76 on stock and itís STILL not fast enough. I am going get better HS and try to break 4.0 GHz! Then more isn't necessary but very welcome!

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    that is why we are here, most processors are "fast enough" for everyday computers. We arent and we oc not only for the performance but also as a hobby and a passion

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    i've only seen one 3.0 hit the 4 gig mark, and that was with a peltier cooler. but 3.0's tend to get around 3.6-3.8 if i were you i'd take my shot at a 2.8c. depending on your chip, it'll hit 3.5 with no problem.

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    I'm hoping to hit in that range with my 1.8 northwood. key word "hoping" but that would be sweet if it did it. at overclockers my processor went up to 3.7 on vapochill, but I'm on air so I don't know how far I'll get.
    [edit] range being 3.4-3.5 or somewhere abouts. not that I'll stop or anything, but I didn't want anyone thinking I was going for 4 or something on air. it would go and then poof and then i would go

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