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    Question translation help

    ******** Using TweakBIOS with Windows NT *******

    TweakBIOS cannot be run under Windows NT, as it denies
    direct access to hardware.

    You can use TweakBIOS under some other operating system
    and then reboot to Windows NT, but the settings will be
    lost when you reboot.

    But there is a workaround, though.

    With TweakBIOS comes a program called INT19.EXE
    which can start Windows NT (or any other OS for that matter)
    *without* rebooting the computer.
    The program can only be used if HIMEM.SYS and EMM386.EXE (or
    some other memory manager) have *NOT* been loaded. Therefore
    you should create a bare bootdisk which only runs TweakBIOS
    and INT19.EXE.

    Here's what you should do:

    1. Create a DOS bootdisk using the SYS command.

    2. Make an AUTOEXEC.BAT file on the disk, containing
    only the following lines:


    (make sure you give the correct path to the TweakBIOS files)

    3. Now you can boot from the floppy, and TweakBIOS will be
    run automatically. Then INT19.EXE will ask you to remove the
    floppy from the drive, and it will restart the operating
    system from the hard disk.

    Can someone translate this in to plan english cause somewhere in there they loss me.


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    You make a floppy bootable by using the SYS command from DOS. Syntax is SYS target drive source drive.

    Create a file named AUTOEXEC.BAT on that floppy using Notepad and put:


    in the body of that .bat file. The files must be in that target (C:\TWEAK\).

    Boot up to that floppy and it will run the program automatically without NT interfering.

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