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    How much can you cram in a Cheiftec Dragon or similar??

    I have a chieftec dragon case, as of right now only the processor is WCed. can you fit the tubing in for Northbridge and video cooling, if so can someone give me pictures
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    check the water cooling stickies post for watercooled rigs. I have the antec case that is just like yours i think. I am getting ready to get a vga block. I know I will have plenty of room for that.

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    I'm gonna be getting one of these next week and was wondering the same this case really good for watercooling?

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    Ive had one before, they are pretty big inside, but they are HEAVY if you dont get tje alu. version, should be big enough to fit everything. I was thinking about picking up a few myself, TigerDirect is having a sale on the two-tone ones.

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    IMO Its the best watercooling case ever! Big enough to take a dual loop cooling system but not too big that it it impossible to transport or fit under your desk Super quality but very affordable.

    In case you are wondering i am using a cheiftec in my latest project which uses 2 8"square heatercores, 2 Eheim 1250pumps, a Aluminium Dual Bayres and about 8 waterblocks!...... and at the same time fits 3 HDDs and DVDrom!

    Theres no shortage of space in there

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    This has got to be one of the best cases for watercooling ever made .

    If it wasn;t so plain looking, and generic, it would be even better though. The one thing I don;t like about my Chieftec Dragon Full Tower is the fact that everwhere I look, I see one. If you can live with that though, it's perfect for a watercooled system.

    I've fit three radiators, a massive (and I do mean massive) pump, three waterblocks, as well as all the typical drives, and whatnot, into mine. My current water circuit overhaul has me squeezing two pumps, two waterblocks, and three radiators into the case. If you have the full tower version, you're all set with a little basic modification, and some simple cuts.

    The smaller version of the case will be a little bit crowded down below, but you should be able to fit in two extra blocks, and the tubing, without any difficulty.

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    In the mid tower version, I had a caprice dual 120mm heatercore, a BIX, a cpu block, gpu block, and two pumps.

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