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    Getting a new 2500+ i need some advice

    I called a local store and they dont have any 2500+ Mobile in right now, but he can order one for me, and he said thier the 45watt cpu's.

    Im not sure which one is which i heard thier are some that use 1.4v and some that use like 1.5v (i think)

    Would it be worth to traid in my current desktop 2500 for $45 and pay the additional $60 for mobile ?

    Im not sure what stepping ill get but i hear that basicly anything on the mobile is good. Do ya think Ill atleast get past my 2.3ghz barrier.

    That 2.6ghz is only when i use ICE

    Edit: Or should i buy the 2600 m

    Are these any good ?

    Im loooking at this one right now.
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    i would suggestthis one looks good (good stepening) i think that 2600mhz with air cooling is possible:
    correct me if i am wrong
    good luck
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    That 2600 only does on average around 2.6Ghz...

    Mobile XP2500 (AQYHA:0410TPCW) is a better stepping...A's tend to do better then the I's...this 2500 does on average 2.7Ghz...
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    yea but i heard the TPCW cpu's are crap.

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