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    Cant get a good OC out of my 2500xp

    OK my first post was on temps as I thought my system was running too hot at 54/41

    Ive done every thing and come to the conclussion that my motherboard is reading the temps wrong.

    NEW heatsink.....went back to the old one but lapped it.

    NEW case with fans blowing cold air over the CPU.

    Still only getting my temps to 47/38

    Although the new case has a temp gauge. I put the wire right on top of my video card and it says my system temps are only 31c. So like I said I think MSI's temp gauges blow chunks!!

    So that being said I am ready to OC. I get my FSB stable to 176 doesnt even raise my temps although like I said I think MSI's temp gauge is FUBAR

    If I try to put the FSB at 180 and my mouse freezes. If I go to 183 I get a black screen of death. Then I have to reset the bios.

    What can I do to take the FSB up more. I really want to hit 200.

    Will the Vcore do this for me.???If so what increments should I go.

    If your wondering about my memory its 512 DDR chips made by samsung. As for the end vendor I really dont know BUT it never fails in sysoft benchmarks or burnins!

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    what vcore are u at right now? and multiplier?
    Cpu :

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