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    voltage problems


    i have an abit kt7 motherboard running a thunderbird at 1300 or so (don't have my waterblock back yet)

    when i use the via hardware monitor that came with the motherboard, i notice most of the voltage readings are normal but the 12v usually says something like 15.2, way higher than it should be. the 5v usually is right around 4.9 or so. and the cpu voltage is always a little bit higher than i set it in the bios (ie 1.82 when i set it to 1.75, which is actually kind of nice that i can go up higher w/o voltage modding). does anyone have any ideas as to why this is? maybe i have something set up wrong. i just dont' want to screw up my hard drives and stuff so i thought i would ask. is it jsut a problem with my power supply. its a 300w antec.


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    hmm...they all do that. I won't lose sleep over it. If everythings working then there's no problem. I dont think anyone as exactly 5v and 12v rails. There are ways to fix it if you're really worried about it but my system works fine the way it is. I dont want to really screw things up by attempting to 'fix' a problem that isnt giving me any trouble.
    **why is this in cooling??
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