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    Is this for real?

    I was surfing the net and, I came across this website which is at and it clams that it can burn twice the capacity of CD-R media. I just wanted to know if this is for real and, what are the results. Thanks.

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    Could be. Dual-layer burners were just announced.

    Commercial DVD's have been able to do ~9G per side for awhile, 16.7G(?) total. The new standard was inevitable, but it's still only half of what commercial DVDs are capable of, so it will eventually get replaced as well.

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    yeah, thats for real. as i understand it, it uses shorter lands/pits, and a better error correction code to write the data in a higher density to normal cd-rs. optorite's dual 8x dvd+-rw was the first drive to market with this. it has at least one obvious disadvantage: it's pretty much only readable in sanyo and optorite dvd burners that can burn the hd-cd format. In other words, it'll make a decent backup to media that is free (because c'mon, who pays for cd-r's), but only as long as you don't want to use it on other computers.

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