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    Need cool case, help!

    Hey all,

    I need a cool case. I need those temps down for overclocking. What are the best cases for cooling ? I mean not decent cool, but super cool ! Quietness is the second factor I guess... but not as important as temps.

    Budget would be around $120 with no PSU. Any suggestions ?

    Thanks !

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    Anything really, with 2 intake, 2 exhaust and possibly 1 side panel. There's really no way to combine "super cool" with low-noise, unless you go with a low airflow/water-cooling solution.

    The Antec Sonata is the closest thing to a good combo. Comes with a nice PSU, although I have heard the PSU is not all that quiet. Oh and check out that retail price:

    Avoid aluminum if you want to decrease noise levels, as I've found it's somewhat louder.

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