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    RAM researching.

    Ok here is a list of ram from newegg.

    I hope this link works. If not I'll have to figure out how to make that wish list work.

    Here is my question. I'm pretty sure I have a basic understanding of the timings based on reading the stickies here in the forum. My question is other than that and brand what are the differences between these different ones? The prices vary quite a bit and I'm basically wanting to get a good undestanding of ram so I know what I really would want or need in the future. Currently I have no immediate plans on building a new system for me but There is the possibility that I might sell this exsisting system to my friend and build a new one in a few months maybe depending on prices and what I might be getting like cpu etc. Especially since after reading many threads I see that I will want to look for specific cpus (in my case I prefer AMD).

    Thanks for any info that anyone can provide.
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    That link is broken. But the differences between the brands is dependability, features, latency, and sometimes it comes down to personal prefrence. Personally I prefer OCZ, just because they are about the same as Corsair, but cheaper. Some of the more popular brands of RAM are Corsair/Corsair XMS, OCZ, Kingston, Mushkin, and Crucial. I hope this helps.


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    thx for letting me know. I created the wishlist on newegg shared as "ram alternatives" Perhaps ppl can find it if they want to look. I was mainly wondering why other than timings some reason of the price differences within and without each brand.


    I just checked syntax was wrong i think this link works
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