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    Planning My New Cooling Setup

    I have just ordered a new case, after being unsatisfied with my cheapo current case. I ordered the Chieftec BX-01 Extreme Black from Ebuyer here in the UK for 19.99, they've currently got a sale on on all their Chieftec cases starting from 12.99 if anyone in the UK is interested. I'm glad i waited a week before ordering

    Heres a couple of pics of the BX. Mines exactly the same other than its all black and has a different(better imo) design on the removable front door grills:

    Anyway, i'm trying to work out what will be the best setup for this case. I currently have 3 Smartfan II's and this, which was on the old HS that came with my system, the CF-12825HB:
    Which according to that gives 45CFM at 3100Rpm(it actually hits over 3,300rpm in my system), 31.5dba which sounds pretty decent to me so i'm planning on using it.
    I've also ordered a couple of cheap 80mm fans from Ebuyer with the case, they were only 60pence each, and may gut them to use as spacers.

    The BX-01 can fit 2x 80mm fans in the front, 2 80mm fans in the back and 2 92mm(one on each side panel) on the sides. What do you think will be the best set up for this? 2 Front Intake, 2 Rear Exhaust? Maybe a 92mm Intake on the side used as a duct from my CPU HS? I think all those fan grills will want cutting out for a start...

    I was also thinking that since i'm gonna be removing my motherboard i may as well give it a fresh application of Arctic Silver5 and reseat my HS. Will it be worth it considering its only been a month since i put the last application on?

    I appreciate any suggestions, but i'm not planning on cutting a top blow hole in this new case just yet(in case i screw it up ). Thanks.

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    cut a 120mm blow hole
    no sense changing the as5, it takes at least a month or so to set in.
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    Hmmm well the weird thing is that today my CPU temps seem to have just started to go up and i cant understand why? According to MBM5 i was running at around 7-8C above Case Temps at idle, about 10-11C above Case Temps at full load. Now i'm running 9-10C above Case Temps at Idle
    Dont know what i've done. Maybe i've knocked it slightly making some alterations in my case(but i doubt that), or maybe its to do with the air flow in my case, i have been messing around with the controllers, i'll have to see whether fine tuning will get it back the way it was again...

    As for the blow hole, i'm not doing that yet(no tools for one) but i will eventually.

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